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Exciting Internship Opportunity: Interviews on April 12th and 15th, Course Starts April 17th!


Are you eager to dive into the world of sales and immerse yourself in cutting-edge technology? My Panoramic is thrilled to announce our exclusive one-month internship program for ambitious individuals interested in AI, Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) sales!


What's in it for you?- Comprehensive training covering AI, VR, and AR solutions- Hands-on experience with real clients and practical sales scenarios- Mentorship from seasoned professionals in the field- Exposure to multi-channel sales strategies, including online, tele-sales, door-to-door, and network marketing


At the end of the internship, FOUR outstanding interns will be offered a PERMANENT job contract with My Panoramic for a year! Don't miss out on this opportunity to kickstart your career with a dynamic and innovative company. To apply, visit our website at and register now!


Hurry, limited internships available! Please note that interviews with possible candidates will be held on the 12th of April. If accepted, the internship will start on the 15th of April. The internship will be based in Kempton Park on the East Rand, and delegates must be able to commute to and from the venue independently. Let's shape the future of sales together!

*Week 1:

Introduction to Multi-Channel Sales Strategies for AI, VR, and AR Solutions*

- Overview of Online Sales, Tele-sales, Door-to-Door Sales, and Network Marketing

- Understanding AI, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality Technologies

- Market Overview and Opportunities in AI, VR, and AR Sales

- Identifying Target Industries and Audiences for AI, VR, and AR Solutions

- Basic Marketing Techniques for Each Sales Channel


*Week 2:

Sales Techniques and Strategies for Selling AI, VR, and AR Solutions*

- Consultative Selling Approach for AI Products, Virtual Tours, and VR Experiences

- Tailoring AI, VR, and AR Solutions to Customer Needs and Pain Points

- Demonstrating the Value Proposition of AI, VR, and AR Technologies

- Effective Storytelling Techniques to Showcase AI, VR, and AR Experiences- Handling Objections and Addressing Customer Concerns Across Different Sales Channels


*Week 3:

Systems and Procedures for Multi-Channel Sales of AI, VR, and AR Solutions*

- CRM Systems for Managing Leads and Customer Relationships Across Channels

- Sales Automation Tools for Streamlining Processes in Online, Tele-sales, and Network Marketing

- Developing Sales Metrics and KPIs for Each Channel

- Time Management Strategies for Balancing Multiple Sales Channels

- Sales Forecasting and Goal Setting Across Online, Tele-sales, Door-to-Door, and Network Marketing


*Week 4:

Practical Training and Application with Clients*

- One-on-One Practical Training Sessions with Actual Clients

- Shadowing Experienced Sales Professionals in Real Sales Environments

- Role-Playing Exercises and Simulated Sales Scenarios Across Different Channels

- Client Interaction and Pitching AI, VR, and AR Solutions

- Feedback and Evaluation Sessions to Fine-tune Sales Skills Across Different Channels

Register Now
15 April 2024 to the 15 Mai 2024
4 Week AI, VR, AR Sales Training

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