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Google Maps and Street View Virtual Tour

Photographers and Builders

Street View Trusted-Photographer-virtual Tour-South Africa

Our services include

  • Google My Business setup and training

  • Google Business Verification

  • Google Location Correction on Google Maps

  • Google Maps Information Update/Correction

  • Google Road Mapping

Take your Google Business listing to the next level with a Google 360° Virtual Tour!  This new service brings your Business to life with a 360° Virtual Tour. Now your business can engage customers with an 3-dimensional experience — they can walk around your business in a way only Google Business Photos can provide.

Your 360° panoramic images will appear on Google Maps, Google Places and you can also easily embed these beautiful images onto your own website and social media pages. A Virtual Tour will help your business stand out in Google search results, they will enhance your Google Place page and customers will also be able to see them on Google Maps.

My Panoramic 360 Google maps Virtual Tou
Car Dealership Interactive
My Panoramic Google Car dealership.png

Virtual Tours expands the potential of car dealerships

In many ways VR is a way of engaging customers at a pivotal moment when car shopping is increasingly moving out of the showroom and becoming a private endeavor conducted via personal devices. Virtual reality assets can indeed simulate much of the dealership experience, giving car buyers a comprehensive overview of a vehicle, its options and the driving experience before they ever see it in real life. It allows them to get a true feel for a car that is simply not possible via still photos or videos. 

Hotels and Resorts

The Benefits of Virtual Tour's for Hotel Bookings

The technology proactively reports to search engines rather than passively waiting for them to index a new listing, further increasing visibility and direct traffic to a property. Hotels using the service have enjoyed up to 50% more views than hotels using regular images. The technology also allows hotels to upgrade

a client who just booked a standard room by linking to a deluxe room and demonstrating the difference.

My Panoramic Google Hotels, resorts and
Restaurants and venue
My Panoramic Google Restaurants and Venu

Virtual Tour benefits in the Restaurant business

Referring to the famous saying “Perception is Reality”. Looks are a highly important part of a potential customer’s decision process. A couple wanting to find a romantic restaurant or a family wants to organize a birthday party. Looking inside the restaurant’s space would be an important factor to see if the theme and “vibes” of the place are appropriate. With VRI’s virtual tours, you will showcase the interior of your space beautifully, driving more online reservations, physical walk-ins and added customer service experience increasing your business sales !


An Interactive Shopping Experience

The integration of virtual reality and augmented reality will undoubtedly have a large impact on the retail sector and shopping industry. Businesses have to embrace the opportunities offered by advances in tech for the benefit of both their customers and their own employees. With proper implantation, VR and AR technology has numerous uses in a retail environment, from the recruitment and training process to the in-store customer experience and every step in between.


The store of the future will be one that successfully incorporates these new technologies, creating a unique and positive environment for employees and customers.

My Panoramic-Google-Virtual Tour-Retail
School's and Colages
My Panoramic-Google-Virtual Tour-Schools

The Perfect Tool for a Virtual Open day

With parents having less and less time available to visit open days at schools this is the perfect tool to recruit new students. In effect this will be a 24 hour online open day. This tool can also assist new students in familiarizing themselves with the school before starting, curbing the students anxiety of a new environment. Students and Parents can now view classrooms, sporting grounds and additional facilities from the comfort of their own homes.

VR experience for attractions to increase publicity and reach potential

The big-hitting tourist destinations dominate the tourism market, leaving marketers of smaller or less famous attractions a hard time in competing.

VR helps to attract a large audience of visitors to see a destination’s potential and to show how worthy it is to visit. An attention-grabbing, immersive VR experience has exponentially greater impact on increasing visitor intention than traditional media, and at relatively small cost.

My Panoramic Google museums and  histori
Museum historical

Our 360° Google Maps Virtual Tour Pricing

All Prices include

  • A walk through the Entire property (Approximately 40 - 250 X 360 images depending on the Venue size).

  • We correct your location point and verify your Google Maps Account.

  • It gets loaded and linked to Google street view and Google maps. (This boosts your Google rankings per Venue significantly).

  • We give you the embedded code to use for your web site.

  • We give you all the digital copies to use on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for marketing purposes.  

  • The entire process has a 2 day turnaround time per Venue

Vertual Tour Pricing-Vertual tour Photographer Pricing


Restaurants, Small Retail Stores, Car Dealers

PAY ONCE. There are no renewal or hosting fees!

From R2 500.00

Vertual Tour Pricing-Vertual tour Photographer Pricing


Guest Houses, Large Out Door Venues, Small Wedding Venues

PAY ONCE. There are no renewal or hosting fees!

From R3 500.00

Vertual Tour Pricing-Vertual tour Photographer Pricing


Small Holiday Resorts, Wedding Venues

PAY ONCE. There are no renewal or hosting fees!

From R4 500.00

Extra Large Google Street View Price


Holiday Resorts, Large Wedding Venues

PAY ONCE. There are no renewal or hosting fees!

From R5 800.00

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