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Customized Interactive Virtual Tour

Photographers and Builders

Car Dealership Interactive
My Panoramic Interactive Car dealershop.

Virtual Tour's expands the potential of car dealerships

In many ways, VR is a way of engaging customers at a pivotal moment when car shopping is increasingly moving out of the showroom and becoming a private endeavour conducted via personal devices. And virtual reality assets can indeed simulate much of the dealership experience, giving car buyers a comprehensive overview of a vehicle, its options, and the driving experience before they ever see it in real life. It allows them to get a true feel for a car that is simply not possible via still photos or videos. 

Hotels and Resorts

The Benefits of Virtual Tour's for Hotel Bookings

The technology pro-actively reports to search engines rather than passively waiting for them to index a new listing, further increasing visibility and direct traffic to a property. Hotels using this service have enjoyed up to 50% more views than hotels using regular images. The technology also allows hotels to upsell–offering an upgrade to a client who just booked a standard room by linking to a deluxe room, and demonstrating the difference.

My Panoramic Interactive Hotels, resorts
Restaurants and venue
My Panoramic Interactive Restaurant's an

Virtual Tour benefits in the Restaurant business

Referring to the famous saying “Perception is Reality”. Looks are a highly important part of a potential customer’s decision process. If a couple wanted to find a romantic restaurant, or a family wanted to organize a birthday party, looking inside the restaurant’s space would be an important factor to see if the theme and “vibes” of the place are appropriate. With VRI’s virtual tours, you will showcase the interior of your space beautifully, driving more online reservations, physical walk ins and added customer service experience.

Increasing your business sales !


An Interactive Shopping Experience

The integration of virtual reality and augmented reality will undoubtedly have a large impact on the retail sector and shopping industry. Businesses have to embrace the opportunities offered by advances in tech for the benefit of both their customers and their own employees. With proper implementation. VR and AR technology has numerous uses in a retail environment, from the recruitment and training process to the in-store customer experience and every step in between.


The store of the future will be one that successfully incorporates these new technologies, creating a unique and positive environment for employees and customers.

My Panoramic-Retail.png
School's and Colages
My Panoramic-Schools  and Colleges.png

The Perfect Tool for a Virtual Open day

With parents having less and less time available to visit open days at schools this is the perfect tool to recruit new students. In effect this will be a 24 hour online open day. This tool can also assist new students in familiarizing themselves with the school before starting, curbing the students anxiety of a new environment. Students and Parents can now view classrooms, sporting grounds and additional facilities from the comfort of their own homes.

Real estae agents

Virtual Open House

My Panoramic has put together a cost-effective package that will give you the tools you need to continue working and more importantly selling. All our Virtual homes are displayed in 360° Interactive Virtual Tours, combined with Zoom software to give you, the Estate Agent or Agency the best possible online tool to sell or rent properties. You can meet with your potential buyer face to face online and guide them through each prospective property as if they were actually there. All tours are available in a 360° Virtual Reality format and can also be viewed on an inexpensive Virtual Reality Viewer.

My Panoramic Real Estate Agents.png
Museum historical
My Panoramic Interactive museums and  hi

VR experience for attractions to increase publicity and reach

The big-hitting tourist destinations dominate the tourism market, leaving marketers of smaller or less famous attractions a hard time in competing.

VR helps to attract a large audience of visitors to see a destination’s potential and to show how worthy it is to visit. An attention-grabbing, immersive VR experience has exponentially greater impact on increasing visitor intention than traditional media and at relatively small cost.


Our 360° Interactive Virtual Tour Pricing

(You need to have the Google Business View 360° images

loaded on your Google maps account)

Click here for pricing

  • Car Dealerships - From R 350 per Month

  • Retail stores - From R 450 per Month

  • Restaurants - From R350 per Month

  • Wedding venues / holiday resorts - From R550 Per month

  • Schools - R550 Per month

  • Real Estate agents - From R300 per property


Customized Interactive Virtual Tour Features


  • Taking Reality Tours or tour guides (voice overs)

  • Online store and shopping functionality within the 3D space


  • Interactive 3D menus and objects 


  • Custom Built Look and Feel

  • All Virtual Tours are custom built using your own logos and web site color scheme to ensure maximum exposure for your brand

  • Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/LinkedIn/Instagram:  Virtual Tour TAB

  • By simply posting a link to your Facebook page users can view certain scenes (or the whole tour) directly on your Facebook wall or in their news feed. This adds a whole new dimension of interactivity to your Facebook page.

  • Cross Platform Friendly

  • Our Virtual Tours are available for viewing on any PC, Laptop or handheld device. We also continuously update the software to ensure it is capable of working on the latest browser for each platform and device


  • We can build your tours using Google or Vector maps, or maybe even both in one Virtual tour depending on your needs. Multiple mapping and interactive mapping solutions can be custom built for you

  • Easy Share buttons


  • Users can easily share your Virtual tour with their friends and family on Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter with the easy sharing buttons included in your tour ensuring even more traffic and eyes on your brand

  • Video / Photo Gallery

  • Get a Virtual Tour page tab under photos, info etc. to guide users directly to your Virtual Tour

  • You can include any videos or photo galleries directly into your Virtual Tour

  • 3D and Virtual Reality glasses or Google Cardboard compatible

  • Google Cardboard, Virtual reality glasses or immersive multimedia view

  • Desktop and laptop view

  • Hand held and portable devices view

  • Video conferencing and communication within the 3D space

  • Skype video integration gives the user and the vendor the ability to communicate live on line in regards to any information required. This also allows for a more Virtual and personal experience.

    And more

  • Interactive 3D menus and objects

  • Talking Reality Tours or tour guides (voice overs)

  • Creating an interactive game with your 3D Virtual Tour i.e. Easter egg hunt.

  • Virtual Training and information sharing

  • The user will have the ability to walk and browse through an entire venue step by step in a 360 degree 3D visual back ground and space.

My Panoramic Face to face meeting.gif

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