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360° Virtual Reality Viewer

and Remote

My Panoramic Virtual Reality Viewer
My Panoramic Virtual Reality Viewer

Product Details

Enter the world of Virtual Reality with the My Panoramic Virtual Reality Viewer for smartphones and access a new frontier!


This is an essential accessory for those who love mobile gaming and want to take their experiences to the next level, or for those who simply want to enjoy natural or virtual environments by using Virtual Reality technology.


Designed for use with devices up to 6", these virtual glasses allow you to plunge into exciting adventures thanks to their 360 degree view that is intended for use with games, pictures or videos that have been specifically designed to deliver total immersion in incredible adventures.


Using the viewer is easy: Just insert your smartphone into the slot, adjust the lens to suit your eyes and it is ready for use.

Instruction Video



  • Remote Control

  • Adjustable lenses and straps

  • Suitable for use with smartphones up to 6"

  • Ergonomic design

Virtual Reality - The Funniest and Amazing Reactions

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Promote your Business

The My Panoramic Virtual Reality Viewer makes a unique and fun promotional gift for your clients. Also a great tool for your Sales Rep to promote your Business or Venue.

Contact us to create a 360° Virtual Reality add for your Business or product.

Also Compatible with 360° Google Street View Tours on most smart phones. 

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