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Explore the Future with Our AI Workshops

Welcome to a transformative learning experience at 'my panoramic'! Our tailored AI workshops are designed to empower your team with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. Whether you're looking to dive into the practical applications of AI in business or establish a solid foundation in AI fundamentals, we've got you covered.

Our pricing model is designed for up to 15 delegates per session, ensuring a personalized and effective learning environment. Contact us to enroll your team in these immersive AI workshops and propel your business into the future of innovation. Explore the possibilities, learn by doing, and embrace the power of AI with 'My Panoramic'!


AI in Business - Practical Insights in 3 Hours

Unlock the potential of AI in just 3 hours! Join our 'AI in Business' course for practical insights. Explore live demonstrations of language models like ChatGPT, discover AI-powered tools for business, and gain hands-on experience in quick AI integration. Elevate decision-making with real-time analytics. Perfect for busy professionals seeking immediate, actionable AI solutions. Accelerate your business journey with our focused, interactive workshop

Module 1: Introduction to Practical AI (15 minutes)

  • Quick Overview of AI in Business

  • Brief Introduction to Language Models and ChatGPT

Module 2: AI-powered Business Tools Showcase (30 minutes)

  • Demonstrations of AI-enhanced Business Applications

  • Quick Insights into Automated Customer Support and AI-driven Marketing

Module 3: ChatGPT Quick Dive (45 minutes)

  • Understanding ChatGPT and Similar Models

  • Live Demo: Interacting with ChatGPT

  • Tips for Practical Use in Business Communication

Module 4: Rapid AI Integration (30 minutes)

  • Overview of Quick Language Model Customization

  • Hands-On: Fast Implementation of AI-driven Tasks

Module 5: AI for Decision Making (30 minutes)

  • Brief on AI in Data Analysis

  • Quick Overview of Predictive Analytics

  • Practical Tips for Real-time Decision Support

Module 6: Q&A and Closing Session (10 minutes)

  • Open Floor for Questions

  • Recap of Key Takeaways

  • Next Steps and Resources for Further Learning

Price R3000.00

Unleash the Power of AI:A 2 Week Journey for Beginners


Embark on a transformative journey into AI with our 'Introduction to AI for Beginners' course! Two weeks of engaging sessions, we'll delve into the essentials of AI, covering everything from fundamental concepts and hands-on coding to real-world applications. Immerse yourself in popular AI tools, explore emerging trends, and cap it off with a dynamic hands-on capstone project. Tailored for beginners, this comprehensive program offers a solid foundation and exciting glimpses into the future of AI. Join us for two weeks of discovery and skill-building!

Module 1: Introduction to Practical AI

  • Overview of AI in Business

  • Real-world Applications and Case Studies

Module 2: Understanding Language Models

  • Introduction to Language Models

  • Overview of ChatGPT and Similar Models

  • Use Cases for Language Models in Business

Module 3: Exploring AI-powered Business Tools

  • Introduction to AI-enhanced Business Applications

  • Tools for Automated Customer Support

  • AI-driven Marketing Solutions

Module 4: ChatGPT in Action

  • Demonstrating ChatGPT's Capabilities

  • Integrating ChatGPT into Business Communication

  • Hands-On Session: Interacting with ChatGPT

Module 5: Practical Use of Language Models

  • Creating Customized Language Models

  • Fine-tuning Models for Business Specifics

  • Best Practices for Effective Use

Module 6: AI in Data Analysis and Decision Making

  • Leveraging AI for Data Processing

  • Decision Support Systems

  • Real-time Analytics with AI

Module 7: AI-driven Automation Tools

  • Overview of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Using AI for Task Automation

  • Hands-On Session: Implementing Automation Tools

Module 8: Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

  • AI in Business Intelligence

  • Predictive Analytics for Strategic Planning

  • Case Studies on Successful Implementations

Module 9: Ethical Considerations and Responsible AI

  • Importance of Ethical AI Practices

  • Mitigating Bias in AI Applications

  • Ensuring Responsible AI Use in Business

Module 10: Building Your AI Strategy

  • Developing an AI Adoption Plan for Your Business

  • Integration Challenges and Solutions

  • Creating a Roadmap for Future AI Implementations

Module 11: Q&A and Interactive Session

  • Open Discussion on Course Content

  • Addressing Specific Business Challenges

  • Networking and Knowledge Exchange

Price : R9 500.00

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