Sales Representative Training Course

Old schools sales ethics 

New School Tools

3 Specialized 

Sales Professional

Courses Available 

  • I want to be a Sales rep

(Perfect for school leavers looking at making it big in the sales world).


  • I have my own business

(Have your own business but don't know how to sell your product or service THIS ONE IS FOR YOU)

  • Bring my staff up to speed

(Is your staff lacking in Telesales skill, canvasing and follow up then you shouldn't waste any time BOOK YOUR STAFF NOW)

Only some of the topics we cover in each Course


1. In depth technical Training of MS Teams/Zoom and how to use it as a SALES TOOL.

2. Online Etiquette.

  • Posture

  • Camera positioning

  • How to present professionally

  • How to speak to the client

  • What to say and not to say

  • Personal Presentation

3. Prospecting for new clients

4. Telesales 

  • How to handle the receptionist

  • Telesales etiquette

  • How to get an appointment out of a Potential Customer

  • Does and don'ts of telesales 

  • Beating the fear and staying motivated

  • How to write a telesales script  

5. How to use a Virtual tour as a sales tool.

6. How to use WhatsApp as a sales tool

7. The power of video messaging and how to use it.

8. Meeting with a Prospect 

9. How to setup a virtual appointment for online face to face sales.

10. How to write an online sales script for online face to face sales.

11. Using a digital business card.

12. The art of follow up with potential clients

13.Email and Customer communications

14. Using social media to get qualified leads.

After graduation - backup support


  • Once a month Sales / Motivational / Updated training / Objection solving Meeting

  • Access to all Sales Training Material

  • Weekly stats

  • Online support

All Courses Available in

Full time Classroom training

Part Time Classroom training

Part Time Online Training 

Full time Online Training

Onsite Group Training

Video Training

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