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OLD School SALES with NEW School TOOLS 

Combining the "old school" consultative sales methodologies with the "new tools" of the 21st century, is absolutely game changing. In today's world, you need a solid understanding of both! 

Our service includes

  • Sales Training for the 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Google Maps 360° Virtual Tour

  • Interactive Virtual Tours

  • Digital Business Cards

  • WhatsApp for Business

  • Augmented Reality

  • Online Conferences, events and open days

  • Google My Business setup and training

  • Google Business Verification

  • Google Location Correction on Google Maps

  • Google Maps Information Update/Correction

  • Google Road Mapping

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Only Some of the Brands we work with 

57 000 000 + Views on Google maps

27 500 + Images taken to date

1800 + Locations Photographed

900 + Happy Customers

97 National Brands

7 International Brands

And Growing Daily 

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Our services

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OLD School SALES with

 NEW School TOOLS 

Just thirty years ago, the phone and our feet were the primary way sales reps reached potential prospects and clients. However, today we have a plethora of technological tools that can be utilized in the sales process. When you combine the "old school" consultative sales with the "new tools" of the 21st century, it is absolutely game changing. In today's world you need a solid understanding of both!


Google street view on Steroids' 

These days technology is giving businesses even more ways to grow bigger... faster. We tailor our interactive virtual tour packages to specifically meet the needs of your company, giving your customer the opportunity to explore and interact with their desired digital environment.

Quality and Service is the primary objective of our team and is well reflected in our work. Our constant efforts to provide services to our clients makes us the leader in the market and the very first choice of most in the country. The scope of our products is limited only by your imagination. Individuals hire My Panoramic to achieve something different.

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Your 360° panoramic images will appear on Google Maps, Google Places and you can also easily embed these beautiful images on your own website and social media pages. A Virtual Tour will help your business stand out in Google search results, they will enhance your Google Place page and customers will also be able to see them on Google Maps.

Our Google 360° Virtual Tour Services include

  • Google My Business setup and training

  • Google Business Verification

  • Google Location Correction on Google Maps

  • Google Maps Information Update/Correction

  • Google Road Mapping


Give your customer one convenient view

Exchanging information with your contacts and making new connections via Digital Business Cards will not only save you and your new connection time and effort but it will also prevent your information from being lost or ending up in the trash. 


Digital Business Cards have amazing Features and Advantages

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Build a business profile

With the WhatsApp Business API you can create a business profile.

Provide customer support.

Respond to your customers when ever they want to reach you.

Engage customers with notifications.

Send people important information where they are most likely to act on it.

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Top 5 Benefits of Using AR for Your Business

  • Augmented Reality Takes the Store to the Customer.

  • AR Enables Unique Opportunities for Immersive Reality.

  • AR Provides Children With New Levels of Interactive Experiences.

  • AR Provides Safety Technology for Automobiles.

  • AR Allows Workforce Training Without Risk. 

  • AR Means Enhancing Customer Experiences.

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My Panoramic Online Conferences, events

Save Time, Money and Increase Productivity 

Video conferencing boosts productivity, saves time, reduces travel expenses and promotes overall collaboration. The advantage of video conferencing is the ability to facilitate all of these benefits without requiring constant travel for face-to-face communication.

The capabilities to support large meetings and online events allow you to communicate with huge dispersed groups for a variety of functions.

This is a Business opportunity you can make a career out of. 

This unique Franchising opportunity is for everyone with a love of new technology and Photography. Absolutely no experience is required as all Training will be provided by My Panoramic. Furthermore the franchisee will not be required to do Sales and accounting as the full sales and accounting functions will be done at head office level. 

If you are not certain what your next step will be regarding your career, currently looking for a new challenge or are a school leaver looking to get ahead in life this is the opportunity for you.  

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